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Young couple sitting on the floor of their living room, drafting their Will as part of the estate planning process.

Estate planning

Estate planning ensures your assets are distributed as per your last wishes after your death.

Winding up the estate of a loved one can be emotional and fraught with legal hurdles. Our estate administration services take care of the entire estate administration process removing the pressure from your family.

Momentum Trust can help with:

How it works?

Estate planning is a process that ensures you secure the financial future of the people who depend on you, after you pass away.

Create an inventory No matter where you are in your financial journey – make a list of the things you own.
Appoint an estate planning professional A trusted estate planning financial adviser can assist you with a well-constructed estate plan to ensure your assets are securely and efficiently distributed to your beneficiaries.
Make a Will State who you want to inherit your property and name a guardian to care for young children should something happen to you. Safeguarding your Will ensures your legacy is protected.
Ensure you have enough life insurance Momentum’s Estate Provider Benefit ensures you have enough money in your estate to cover unforeseen cash shortfalls like administrative and professional fees.

Get your Will signed, sealed & delivered at PostNet

Young woman on her laptop excited to have filed her Will

With Momentum Trust, drafting a Will and keeping it in safe custody has never been easier. Visit your nearest PostNet store to get your Will printed, signed, and couriered to us for safekeeping - all at no cost to you!

The importance of estate planning in South Africa

Let's face it. Nobody wants to spend time planning for when they're gone. But what happens if you don't? Without an estate plan, you don't get to choose who gets everything you've worked for your whole life.

If you want to be the one making those decisions, then you need an estate plan. And when there are so many factors outside your control, it's essential to spend time planning for the things you can control.

A young woman reading a book to her two toddlers

You choose your beneficiaries

This ensures that your assets end up where you want them to be and reduces transfer delays.

A man signing a Wills document in front of a witness.

You get to create liquidity

Having enough cash in your estate ensures executor and administration fees will be covered.

A smiling female executor dressed in a formal suit

You nominate your executor

Take comfort in knowing that an executor you can trust will always have your estate and beneficiaries' interests in mind.

Momentum Trust
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All our services are under one roof, from Will drafting, trust administration to deceased estate administration.

Email us: [email protected]

Got any questions?

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions related to drafting a Will, estate planning, deceased estates and Momentum’s Estate Provider Benefit.

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